New Medi-care Recovery Law

THE NEW MEDI-CAL RECOVERY LAWS For individuals who die prior to January 1, 2017, the current recovery rules will apply, however, a new day will arise starting January 1, 2017.  Starting January 1, 2017, homeowners will longer have to choose between healthcare or passing their home to their children.  CANHR has provided a booklet which outlines applicable […]

Control From The Gave

WILL VS LIVING TRUST IN CALIFORNIA Planning on what happens after we pass away makes many Americans uncomfortable. Pondering one’s death is hardly a desirable topic but the consequences of failing to make arrangements on what happens to your assets upon your death can be a lot more unpleasant than the planning process itself. Especially […]

9 Ways To Avoid Probate

9 WAYS TO AVOID PROBATE IN CALIFORNIA Savvy California homeowners usually choose living trust as their estate planning tool of choice. A trust offers the ultimate “control from the grave” as it enables individuals and families to leave clear, executable instructions on how their assets should be distributed upon their death. Having a trust in […]

California Probate Cost

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO PROBATE A HOUSE IN CALIFORNIA? You did your own research and then checked with a qualified California attorney: probate cannot be avoided. For you to step into your parents’ shoes and become a rightful owner of the property, the house must go through the probate process at a local […]

Probate RE Broker

HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST PROBATE REAL ESTATE AGENT In many California probate cases, the home is the biggest decedent’s asset. A significant number of cases involve mortgage encumbrance, and the estate does not have cash available to pay off the mortgage or any other debt that comes to light. For these reasons, many heirs […]

Probate and Creditors

PROBATE AND CREDITORS: WILL YOUR ESTATE HAVE TO PAY THEM? Very few people are completely debt-free. When a person passes away in California and they have no trust, the case goes to probate. Part of the probate process is dedicated to notifying and paying off the creditors. But do you have to pay all the creditors? […]

Estate Taxes

ESTATE TAXES, CAPITAL GAIN TAXES, AND PROPERTY TAXES IN PROBATE: HOW MUCH WILL YOU HAVE TO PAY? If you are selling a California home in probate, you may be concerned about various taxes. There are three major tax categories that need to be addressed: Estate Taxes Capital Gain Taxes Property Taxes Luckily, for most California […]

California Living Trust

WHAT’S IN A CALIFORNIA LIVING TRUST? Most California homeowners at least have heard about a living trust. It’s a big binder full of documents, right? Not everyone, however, understands what’s inside that binder and what each of these documents do.  Many California homeowners do not realize that a living trust contains a list of important […]

Lost Living Trust

WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU LOSE YOUR COPY OF A LIVING TRUST? Consider this scenario: a married couple bought a house in California many years ago. Advised by a savvy real estate agent, they saw an estate planning attorney right away and created a family trust. In the trust, they have specified who gets their assets […]

How Probate Works

DO I NEED PROBATE AND HOW DOES IT WORK? Do I need probate and how does it work? These are two questions we get asked most often. While heirs in California may end up in probate court for a variety of reasons, certain situations are way more common than others. If you are reading this […]