The 5-Star Experience

The 5-Star Customer Experience

My services are designed to provide expert service during every step of the transaction. The customer is the center of my universe. I have experts to manage the different parts of the transaction so everything goes smoothly. I recommend an expert staff in the following areas: Sales, Staging, Photography, Contract-to-close, Listing Management & Marketing, Operations & Quality Control, Technology and Systems, Loan Consultation, Insurance, Title & Escrow and Make-Ready services. My customers have an entire team to ensure a 5-star experience.

The Number One Ethic Is Taking Care of You, the Client!

Traditional brokerages have little or no concern with the customer (buyer/seller) and leave it 100% up to   their   self-employed real estate agents to deliver the knowledge and service (or lack of). This means there is no consistent quality or standard of care and minimal service by virtue of the capacity of the single agent. All of this is risky for the customer.

Real Estate Professionalism

Because of my consumer promise, I only work Real Estate Professionals. This means all of our real estate agents have chosen real estate as their full-time career — they don’t sell “on the side”. They are bound to the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics.

Specialization & Expertise

Rudy Rodriguez – Broker, mediocrity is not an option, which is why I have areas of specialization and work as experts in their specialty. This means that every client will work with a real estate professional who has the knowledge and expertise to take care of their specific real estate concerns. You wouldn’t go to a cardiologist to solve a problem with your foot – you would go to a podiatrist! So why buy your investment property from a typical agent who owns no investment property?

Specialized Technology

I invest in and use technology to ensure that I am up to date with the latest marketing skills, which enables me to fulfill on my promise of 5-star service. ALL team members are trained to use our technologies, tools, and systems in order to deliver the service standards.

Commitment To My Brand

I am committed to the brand. I conduct myself in a way that produces positive gossip and experiences in the marketplace whenever ANYONE comes into contact with me. I am are not afraid of online ratings and reviews – I seek public opinion as I am  confident that my customers will only have positive experience, or help us improve our ability to create a better customer experience.