Probate Made Easy

Ca Prop 19- How It Effects Property Taxes

The recent passage of California Proposition 19 means substantial changes to the manner in which real property is reassessed in California.

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The Probate Process in California 

What is involved in a probate process. Probate attorney reviews what assets and liabilities are left behind by the deceased such as : 1) any original Will, 2) death certificate and 3) financial records.

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Differences between a Living Trust and a Will?

Each of us has assets, whether they are houses in our name, cars, or jewelries. Most of us would like to have control over those assets and have the final say in who gets what once we are gone. 

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When is Probate Necessary?

Real estate agents and heirs always ask: “Is probate really necessary?”

Is because they have heard that a probate is very expensive and time consuming. 

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Disposition of Real Estate 

Probate Code §10308 provides that all sales of real property, whether by private sale or public auction, shall be with court confirmation.

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10 Must-Knows About Living Trust

Many homeowners have living trusts and many more do not know what a living trust is and/or what it does. This article explains some of the basics of a living trust that everyone should know.